Michael Cohen Site Update


Scrimshawed harbor scene by Michael Cohen with a ship setting sail and people waving from the dock
Harbor Scene by Michael Cohen

Michael Cohen, a longtime scrimshaw artist has recently updated his site.  His work includes Ships, Mermaids, Native Americans, Fantasy, Wildlife, Pin-Ups and more.  He works mainly on mammoth ivory and the detail is amazing. He was employed by the Alaska Silver and Ivory Company in Bellingham, Washington back in 1973 when there was a renewed interest in scrimshaw that lasted until the 1980’s, then became a freelance artist to this day.

Michael also does custom scrimshaw on request.  Please visit the sites below for inquiries on custom scrimshaw.

The pricing for his work is a real bargain for collectors and non-collectors alike.  You can see and purchase some of his work at this site:


Working in scrimshaw and other mediums, Michael’s main site is: