You’ve Gotta Have Heart

Scrimshaw Heart ivory pendant on the left, coin on the right. (C) 2014 by Jason R. Webb
Scrimshaw Heart by Jason R. Web finished

Jason R. Webb has just shared one of his latest creations – a scrimshaw heart for a nurse on an oval cabochon.  Jason’s work is extremely detailed and the sequence of pics from scribed to finished is worth a look to both aspiring and accomplished scrimshanders.  Clicking on the pics will bring up larger images of the work on Jason’s Scrimshaw Heart page.

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  1. I’ve been doing some updating and checking the site on different devices; zooming in on the veins shows the shadow you scribed in and it’s just amazing. Already after midnight and I’m going to add a close up at full resolution of the area I’m writing about. Absolutely stunning work, Jason.

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